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  • Indoor & outdoor material available
  • Economy, premium & professional styles
  • Quick & easy setup
  • Single- & double-sided banners
  • Preassembled stand, banner & case

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Product Description

  • Indoor & outdoor material available
  • Economy, premium & professional styles
  • Quick & easy setup
  • Single- & double-sided banners
  • Preassembled stand, banner & case

Announce your presence during trade shows, conferences, in-store events, farmers markets and more with custom retractable banners. Our standing banners come preassembled with everything you need – base, banner and case – in an assortment of options for your event, needs and budget.

Durable and ready for repeated, indoor or outdoor long-term use, these roll-up banners are a great way to get your brand noticed in busy settings. Upload your own artwork or choose from our wide selection of professionally designed templates and start creating today.

Which is right for you?


Good stability & durability
33.46″ x 81.10″ display size
Textured vinyl
Best for: Short term use


Better stability & durability
3 sizes: Up to 47″ x 81″ display size
Smooth vinyl
Light-blocking grey backing
Double-sided option available
Best for: Traveling to trade shows


Best stability & durability
Adjustable up to 33.46″ x 80.75″ display size
woven materialKnitted, coated fabric
Color-enhancing, light-blocking
IconEasy-installation adjustable pole
Sleekest base without visible stability foot
Best for: Enhancing dark-color artworks.

Specialty options for Premium retractable banners

Premium Double-Sided (34” x 81”)

Make the most of trade show foot traffic. Two vinyl banners – each with stay-flat grey backing – are attached to a sleek base to double your display’s visibility and effectiveness.

Premium Wide (47” x 81”)

Our wider option helps you share a few extra key details. And with two stabilizing feet for extra balance, it can stand up to a busy event setting with ease and style.
Assembly : How to set up your banner in 90 seconds or less.


Open your carrying case and remove the base and pole.


Set you base on the ground. Turn the stabilizing foot (or feet) perpendicular to the base.


Connect the pole pieces and then insert into the hole in the base.


Pull the top of the banner up from the base and attach it to the top of the pole. Premium Double-Sided: Repeat with the second banner.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will my banner come with a carrying case?
A: Yes, all retractable banners come with a case. Scroll through the images at the top of the page to get a closer look.

Q: How thick is the banner material?
A: Our Economy retractable banners are .37 mm thick. Our Premium retractable banners are .30 mm thick. And our Professional retractables are .32 mm.

Q: How do you get the retractable banner to stand up?
A: When you’re setting up Economy or Premium retractables, make sure to turn the bottom foot (or feet) perpendicular to the banner’s stand. The Professional retractable banner has a hidden base for a modern and clean look. 

Q: Can I use my retractable banner outdoors?
A. Yes. Just select our outdoor style which is heavy duty with stable feet and four stakes to secure into the ground.

Q: How can I design an effective pop-up banner?

A: There are several key ways you can make sure your banner is clear, legible and effective:

  • Use large fonts and images so people can see your banner from a distance.
  • Contrast your background and text colors to ensure clear readability.
  • Focus on one main message that people can quickly understand.
  • Keep your safety margins in mind as you design. (See below for details on these important measurements.)

Q: How quickly can I get my standing banner?
A: Our retractable banners can arrive in as few as 3 business days

Q: Can I buy a vinyl or fabric banner to put into the retractable banner stand I already own?
A: Sorry, but we don’t offer replacement banners on their own.

Q: What other products work well with a standing banner?
A: If you’re building out your booth for a trade show or expo, consider rounding out your professional look with matching tableclothsvinyl banners or foam board signs. Looking for even more inspiration? Check out our Guide to Trade Shows, Markets & Events.

QWhat’s the min and max height of the Professional retractable banner?
A: Visible graphic size:

  • The minimum height is around 1.6 m and the maximum is 2.19 m.

Q: What is the bleed, the trim and the safety margin? How much of the banner is hidden by the stand?

A: Specs are as follows:

Premium Wide:

  • Distance between banner bottom and safety margin: 0″
  • Trim: Trim: 47.24″ x 81.10″
  • Bleed: 47.48″ x 81.34″
  • Weight: 8.39 lbs

Premium Double-Sided:

  • Distance between banner bottom and safety margin: 2.36″
  • trim: 33.46″ x 81.1″
  • Bleed: 33.7″ x 81.34″
  • Weight: 12 lbs

Premium Single-Sided:

  • Distance between banner bottom and safety margin: 7.94″
  • Trim: 33.13″ x 86.18″
  • Bleed: 33.38″ x 86.43″
  • Weight: 8.39 lbs


  • Distance between banner bottom and safety margin: 2.6″
  • Trim: 33.46″ x 81.1″
  • Bleed: 33.7″ x 81.34″
  • Weight: 6.1 lbs


  • Distance between banner bottom and safety margin: 0″
  • Trim: 33.46″ x 81.10″
  • Bleed: 33.70″ x 81.34″
  • Weight: 7 lbs


  • Distance between banner bottom and safety margin: 9.5″
  • Trim: 33.25″ x 77.25″
  • Bleed: 34.24″ x 84.75″
  • Weight: 22.75 lbs

Things to know:

  • Don’t try to pull the pull-up banner more than the height of the pole. Otherwise you may damage the retracting mechanism.
  • Be careful with the edges of the banner and make sure they are not caught up to the cassette. This could lead to fraying and/or scratching your design.
  • When connecting the pole pieces for Economy retractable banners, find the round part inside the hole and stick the pole into it to make sure the banner stands straight.

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Premium, Economy, Outdoors


47" x 81" single-sided, 34" x 81" double-sided, 33" x 86" single-sided


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